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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My first & His Last

May 21, 2016

Morp with Shayden was as close to perfect as a High School dance can get.  But first let me back up a little.  Shayden and I met about a year ago through friends.  (June 24,2015) long story short we did not get along very good in the beginning.  We had this you hate me I hate you kind of friendship for quite awhile.  Around the 4th of July however I began to realize He wasn't as bad as I originally thought which brought with it complications.  You see my best friend at the time (Lexie) had "called dibs."  So I tried my best to keep my distance... but I ended up being the person both Lexie and Shayden fell back on when things stopped working between them.  Eventually in December after Lexie and Shayden had "broke up" yet again.  Shayden asked me on a date.  I honestly thought he was kidding.  I didn't really know what to do because I really did like him but Lexie was my best friend.  On Dec.19,2015 Shayden and I went on our first date.  This was a big learning experience for me.  But that is another story.  Fast foreword back to Morp.  Morp is a girls choice dance so I was in charge of planing.  I wanted to do something fairly simple so I planed a picnic.  The morning of Morp I drove up Payson canyon fairly early to set up for our day date. I brought out my adventurous side and tried to set up a tent by myself. It took awhile but it ended up working out perfectly.  Shayden and I spent that after noon trying to start a fire "without gasoline", roasting hot dogs, hiking, and playing some of our favorite childhood games.  The theme for Morp was glow in the dark.  I will link some pictures below.  Shayden and I had matching shirts that I had spray panted the night before.  Let me know what you think in the comments below.  Also if you have any ideas for pots or questions for me be sure to comment those as well!
Thanks for reading,
 Hailey Wamboldt


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